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     So, somehow I need to get twenty-four of these Odyssey PC1500 batteries into a car that was designed for one.
     In front I had the engine compartment (I guess now it's called a motor compartment), and in the rear of the car I had the volume that contained the gas tank, two large mufflers, and a spare tire.
     When I chopped the back of the car I gave up the idea of a spare tire.
    The Odyssey batteries are absorbed glass mat, so they can be mounted in any orientation except down-side up. This freedom allowed a lot of creativity in how I could arrange them.
     The front pack of 12 batteries required a lot of tinkering and tuning. And while the cardboard box method is commonly used, I wanted to make sure everything fit before before I spent countless hours with scissors, markers, razor blades... etc. only to find out it still might not fit. Cardboard boxes are not batteries. 


     Using a CAD model was critical, but proof of concept occured when the battery pack was installed and the hood closed without a problem - and 1" of clearance.

     While it may seem trivial, getting right & left, positive & negative battery cable terminals takes some thought (at least for a clean look!).


    After a lot of hours making a CAD model, I came up with this configuration. For the initial design I used rough dimensions for the batteries, but with all the little mounting tabs, ribs,... etc. I eventually asked Odyssey for a CAD model which they sent without hesitation.

     The rear pack wasn't a big issue - but it's still 600lbs of lead that I needed to lift UP into place. The rear pack consists of four sets of 2 batteries (mounted on their side) and one long rack of four mounted conventionally.