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.: our philosophy

We are dedicated to designing electric vehicles using mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering technologies to build vehicles that match our passion for quality and performance.

.: our qualifications

- Automobile restorations
- BS, Electrical Engineering
- MS, Mechanical Engineering
- Extensive use of CAD/CAM

.: updates

Oct. 16, 2014 - Updated main page

Added some photos to Photo Gallery


New Website

.: 2800 miles on electric Corvette conversion

   Finding the range on a single charge.

  • Surprise surprise. Driving the speed limit and not hammering the throttle really ups the range.
  • I got 25 miles on the car and still had some reserve, so I think I'm good for 35+ miles
  • At 32 miles on a charge, I limped home another 3 miles. I had seriously depleted the batteries below "empty". Each battery measured around 9.5 volts!
  • Changing the battery pack configuration:
    • Two packs in parallel with 11 batteries each
    • After a full charge, 140 volts, with 125Ah
    • Should nearly double the range - Previous configuration was 300 volts, 62Ah
    • Large "jumpers" will allow quick change to have a 280 volt, 62Ah pack.

Low Front

.: mechanical updates

  • Parking brake
    • Relocated, leather parking brake lever
    • Enhanced holding power (very important considering an electric motor has no holding power when turned off)

.: major components needed for conversion

  • Motor - NetGain WarP 11 series wound DC motor
  • Motor Controller - Zilla 2K; 300 volts, 2000 amps
  • Batteries - Odyssey PC1500 absorbed glass mat. Twenty-three batteries in series



.: upgrading to computer control

  • PC based LCD touchscreen computer interface
    • All accessories - except windshield wipers - are now computer controlled via a touchscreen interface
    • Creating the GUI and integrating everything was not trivial

  • 3/4 Rear

.: updating a 1976 corvette

  • Electrical
    • LED gauge lighting
    • LED courtesy lighting with vehicle exit delay
    • Headlights - touchscreen interface
    • Heat & A/C - touchscreen interface
    • Vent control - touchscreen interface
    • Battery & energy status - touchscreen interface
    • Windows - touchscreen interface
    • Key-in & headlights-on warning chimes instead of buzzers
    • Integrate the original Corvette tachometer
    • Gear selector indicator
    • Corvette schematics
  • Interior
    • Updated dash design
      • A/C ventilation
      • LCD touch screen for system monitor
      • Glove box
      • Center console
      • Speedometer and Tachometer hybrid
    • Door panels
    • DIN receiver with CD




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