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.: updating the dash


    Original C3 Corvette dash. Nice (for a 30+ year old car) but not that useful for an electric Corvette.

    Marrying new and old technologies. Original Corvette speedometer and tachometer relocated into line-of-site, above dash.

    New A/C ducts from a 2008 GTO.

   View from the driver's door

   Hood view with cardboard dash.

  Cardboard dash used as template for 1/8" aluminum dash.

   Cardboard is very forgiving - aluminum, not so much. The new dash is curved in all three dimensions so I cut slots in the flat sheet that allowed it to bend the way I wanted, as well as it naturally curved.

   This shows a 2" vertical curve. The horizontal piece is temporary and holds the "natural bend" of the dash.

    Cutout for the old tach and speedo. I've removed the temporary horizontal strip with this welded in strip. The trick is that the section above the steering column needs to be cut out for the gauges.

    In order to cut out the section above the steering column (an keep the dash from collapsing) I used 1/8" x 3/4" aluminum strips to make the "eyebrows" for the speedo and tach. Once this is fully welded to the dash, the temporary brace will be cut away. 

    Fitting the gauges to see the view. I still need to remove the support members.

   Here's a shot showing the support bracing that will be removed.

    Eyebrows are fully welded in and the support bracing has been removed.

   Profile view of the new dash showing a nice curve.
   No Oh-S--- views.

    New console with the touchscreen LCD.

   I've added a cup holder and a glove box.

    Looking in from the driver's door.