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.: schematics


    Since I'm doing major changes to the car's electrical system, having the schematics is critical.

  Circuit for the front of the car.

    Fuse panel, ignition switch, and bulkhead (firewall) connector)


    Headlights, heater motor, and some gauges.

   Gauges, gauge lights, and indicator lights.

   Alarm, seatbelt light/buzzer timer. Located in the rear storage compartment.

  Tail lights, rear window defogger, alarm horn.

   Dash removed, trying new A/C duct outlet.

   Fitting various components: Master on/off switch, A/C switch, touchscreen LCD, headlight switch

    I had initially thought of salvaging the original gauge wiring and splicing into it, but eventually removed the bulk of the wire harness as it was not longer needed.

    Added remote power door lock solenoid.