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    The A/C compressor will be driven by a 2-3/4 HP electric motor, using a Serpentine belt.
    The motor draws 22amps at 90 volts. 

    This space under one of the front battery packs is a convenient location  for the A/C compressor and electric motor.

    For passing air through the condenser, I went with a dual fan configuration.
    While the motor efficiency isn't a big deal with a non-electric car, calculating the cubic feet per-minute (CFM) per amp showed the these two units were more efficient than some (or one) larger fan.
    GM used a VIR (Valve in Receiver) in the '70s. Converting to the R134 and a new compressor... I chose to use a VIR eliminator.
    It took several phone calls to Nostalgic Air Parts to get the right hose connections because I was doing a R134 conversion while also using a VIR eliminator - R12 and R134 do not use the same hose sizes. They knew this, but their kits were not packaged for this. They supplied the necessary parts without additional costs.