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.: coil-over shocks & tubular a-arms


    Because of the change in vehicle weight and distribution, the easiest method to set the ride height was to purchase a pair of coil-over shocks. In addition to tuning the height, there are four different springs available. Removing stock springs without scratching paint is time consuming - and it would have to be done several times, so I bought these from QA1.

    In addition to the coil-over shocks, thought these tubular a-arms would be a nice touch. I'm always wary of aftermarket parts - often they're a poor fit and cosmetic only.

    There are several tubular a-arms on the market. These are from Vette Brakes and Products in Florida.
    The A-arms look good. The extension bumper may not directly strike the a-arm but I won't know until I get things together - this is why I'm leery of aftermarket!