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.: netgain dc motor


    This is the WarP 11, series wound DC motor from NetGain Motors
  • 11.45" dia.
  • 170 volts maximum
  • 5000 max rpm

    First fitting of front and rear mounting brackets.

    CAD model we did for NetGain Motors
   Due to the tight confines of the Corvette motor compartment, the angle of the connectors was important, hence the mounting hole locations.
    Bolting the motor in when the lifting hook was vertical would have made it very difficult to make the connections when the batteries are mounted above the motor.

   The same rotated hole locations were needed for the rear mount also.

  NetGain 2D drawing used for making the CAD model.

   Who would have thought that 7 degrees would matter.
   The four notches in the housing help lock everything together.

   Sometimes the drawings are rotated so that mounting, and then machining the parts is easier.