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.: led gauge lighting

   Enhancing the gauge lighting with 3-element LEDs - Red, Green, Blue.
    Varying the intensity of the three colors allows for a near limitless color pallet.

    On the left is the original bulb, and on the right is the new RGB LED.
    In order to use the original gauge sockets, a 3/8" id bushing was used as a mold that allowed for a snug fit of the led, and at the correct height above the socket (the same height as the center of the old bulb).


The original bulb used the metal housing as ground - I need to run three wires for each LED, so a 4th wire for ground (common) is no big deal. Plus, using an isolated common makes it easy to change the overall intensity - aka. dimming the dash lights.

    In order to convert all the dash and courtesy lights to LEDs, several transistors were used. The Turn Signals and Bright- lights use NPN transistor because they are turned by supplying power.
    The Brake Light uses an PNP transistor because the parking brake and brake proportioning valve supply ground.

The PCB board size is 4"x5". There are extra connectors for expanding the courtesy lights. The color of all the LEDs are controlled by changing the resistance of each color with a seperate potentiometer.