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.: gear indicator


    Without constantly changing gears, and not wanting to rev the motor with the transmission in neutral, I've added a circuit that will display the current gear, as well as disconnect the motor contactor.

    This circuit uses a common electrical method for extracting different voltages based on which switch is closed - a voltage divider.

    This is the basic voltage divider circuit.

    This circuit is being used to determine the current gear that is engaged.

    What still needs to be done is fabricating the brackets to hold the switches at the transmission. While I often admire factor designed bracketing, that can not be said for the Corvette's "reverse" bracket and switch. 


    The output voltage of the gear select circuit is connected to a small microprocessor that controls various non-critical functions.
    With an electric car, all power consumed needs to be as small as possible. The Gear Selector circuit draws a maximum of 10mA when the transmission is in reverse:

voltage = current * resistance