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    NetGain Controls worked with an established manufacturer to develop a battery charger with customizable charging curves . 

    You will find mountains of information on battery charging curves... I think the best source is the battery manufacturer. This recharge curve is from Odyssey. It goes on for two pages describing in detail various recharging issues, conditions,...


    The charger is sealed, and I had considered mounting it at the rear of the car (tucked up behind a wheel well), but I had some spare space in the rear storage compartment. This location is new the exterior charging port.

   The NetGain charger algorithm is a pretty good match to the Odyssey recommended profile.

   I was planning on using the original gasoline filler opening on the Corvette's rear deck, but decided a side port would look cool. Of course that means designing a cool filler door.

  Somehow this recharging port needs to be sandwiched in the confined space on the driver's flying buttress.